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Trading: Predictions vs. Expectations

10 Dec
December 10, 2014

    This guest post is from: Christopher Ebert @OptionScientist There are two VERY DIFFERENT terms to consider when it comes to trading: 1) Prediction and 2) expectation (or confidence) surrounding the prediction. Placing a trade involves making a prediction. It is not possible to place a trade without making a prediction, and that is […]

5 Trading Timeframes

18 Nov
November 18, 2014

  The answer to the question, What’s the trend? is the question What’s your timeframe? -Richard Weissman One of the biggest misunderstandings among traders is the time frame on which they trade. A day trader can believe a stock is going down and be bearish on the intra-day chart, while a longterm stock picker is […]

3 Trades Explained $DIA $IWM $SPY

17 Nov
November 17, 2014

  Trade #1 I shorted $IWM three days ago by buying $TZA at $13.02 when $IWM was near the 70 RSI on the daily chart. My stop loss was to exit if $IWM closed above the 72 RSI. My trailing stop is to stay short unless $IWM closes above the previous day’s high. There is […]

Guest Post: Drug Your Trading

14 Nov
November 14, 2014

  This is a guest post from Rajesh that blogs at Nifty Nirvana. Knowing why something works can be the key to everything: Trading is a probability game. Right. I do not want to dispute that. I know very well that there are no certainties in Markets, only probabilities.  But I can’t agree with the […]

My Simple and Effective $TQQQ Trade

04 Nov
November 4, 2014

  I entered $TQQQ at $83.13 based on the $QQQ chart as it broke above the 50 day sma. This has been a profitable buy signal over the past 4 years. My stop was a close below the 50 day sma. With the first gap and go I moved my stop to a close below […]