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10 Facts About the $SPY Chart 1/25/15

25 Jan
January 25, 2015

  Three of the past four days $SPY made higher highs and higher lows. Friday slightly missed a higher high but the day’s volume was the lowest this year. This is bullish. $SPY is above the 50 day, this is bullish. The 5 day ema crossed over the 10 day sma last week. Bullish. Thursday […]

10 Facts About the $SPY Chart

18 Jan
January 18, 2015

   Chart courtesy of The long term up trend is still in place with the 200 day not being threatened recently. The short term down trend in place with Friday’s price action failing to overtake or close above Thursday’s high of day to confirm a possible reversal. The momentum break over the 50 day […]

10 Fast Facts: $SPY Chart 1/11/15

11 Jan
January 11, 2015

  $SPY broke out above the 50 day sma on Thursday: In the past 4 years after $SPY crossed over the 50 day, 5 days later there were 21 wins/8 losses Average win 1.6% average loss -1.33%.  $SPY bounced and regained the 50 day by the end of day on Friday. $SPY is above the […]

My Recent $SPY Trade December 2014

05 Jan
January 5, 2015

  Here is a recap of my recent swing trade in $SPY step by step:  $SPY has been in an up trending bull market for years above the 200 day moving average and it has been making new all time highs. So the best odds for me is to trade the long side primarily. The […]

10 Facts: $SPY Chart 1/4/15

04 Jan
January 4, 2015

  Price is still above both the 50 day and 200 day moving averages and both longer term movign averages still slanting upwards signaling the long term up trend remains in place. The short term uptrend has lost momentum with price currently at the 5 day ema and under the 10 day sma. The 5 […]